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Blackboard Learn: Grade Center Smart View for Students in a Combined Course

Smart View lets you create filters for the Grade Center that quickly let you view pre-filtered options. For this example, we created a Smart View in the Grade Center based on student rosters for a non-existent course combine.

Create a Smart View

1. Scroll down to the control panel on the left, and click Grade Center. From the options that expand, select Full Grade Center.

course management control panel, Grade Center expanded. 

2. Click the Manage button and select Smart Views from the drop down menu.

In the full grade center page, hover over manage, click on smart views 

3. Click the Create Smart View.
The buttom for Create Smart View on the top right corner of the content page.
4. Name the new Smart View based on how you wish to label the first class.

Smart View Information Name, Description and checkbox for "Add as favorite".

Note: The description is optional.

5. In Selection Criteria choose the Type of View and Select Criteria. Using the Print out of your roster, choose the students for one of the classes. 

Note: Holding down the Ctrl key allows you to select multiple users or columns criteria.

Selection Criteria options, Type of View and Select Criteria options.

6. Click the Submit button.

Submit to proceed options, left to right Cancel and Submit.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 for your second class roster.

8. In the Smart Views area, place a green star beside your new smart view(s). Click OK.

Smart Views panel the option to Add as a Favorite is checked.

9. Now under the Grade Center in your control panel, you will see the smart view options you created.

Course management control panel with Grade Center expanded and Full Grade Center and the new smart view added in the list. 

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