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Blackboard Learn: Entering Grades in the Grade Center

You can manually enter grades into the Grade Center.

Enter Grades

1. Click on Grade Center and select Full Grade Center.

Course management menu, click on Grade Center and select "Full Grade Center".

2. Click the desired cell where you would like to enter a grade. It will automatically make the area editable, and you may type in the grade.

The grade center spreadsheet with a row under a grade column selected for input.

3. Once you have typed in the grade, press the enter key on your keyboard to finalize.

zoomed in spreadsheet row and column where a score of 100 has been entered.

4. If you want to delete or change the grade you entered, you can delete with the backspace key and hit enter, you will be prompted with "Clear the override grade? Press Ok. 

When deleting a grade that exists, it will prompt a browser message to "clear the override grade?" the options are OK and Cancel

Releasing Grades to Students

1. Click the action link in the desired column header and select "Edit Column Information".

From the column list of information the cursor is highlighting and about to click on "Edit Column Information".

2. Scroll down to the options area. Make sure the radial button 'Yes' is selected for the option "Show this Column to Students".

3. Click Submit to save changes.

The options for a grade center column which include "Show this column to students" Yes or No. Click Submit to proceed. 

Note: Without having to access the "Edit Column Information" area, you can show or hide a column from students. Click on the arrow for more information, and select "Hide from students on/off)".

From the list of options in the dropdown menu the cursor is hovering over "Hide from students (on/off)" 

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