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Blackboard Learn: Exporting the Grade Center to Excel (Working Offline)

You can download full or partial data from the Grade Center. Once downloaded, grades and comments accessed through the Quick Comment feature or Manual Override page can be changed and added offline and later uploaded to the Grade Center.

Export the Grade Center

1. Scroll down to the control panel on the left, and click Grade Center.

2. From the options that expand, select Full Grade Center.

Course management control panel, click on Grade Center to expand, then click on Full Grade Center.

3. Once you enter the Grade Center, click the Work Offline button, and select Download.

Row of top level options in the Full Grade Center on the far right corner hover over Work Offline, select t Download.

4. In the first section (Data), select which data to download:

a) Full Grade Center – Contains all columns and associated data

b) Grading Periods - you can download specific sections of time and the columns associated with them.

b) Selected Column – Using the dropdown list, select one column and its data. You may also place a checkmark beside “Include Comments for this Column” if necessary.

c) User Information Only – Only columns containing student data are included (ex; Username).

Download Grades set up page, Data has options for what part of the grade center to download.

5. In Options, you can select between file delimiters Comma or Tab.

• Comma delimited files contain data surrounded by quotation marks (quote character) and have the file extension .CSV. Note: They still open in Excel and no longer have quotes once they’re in Excel.

• Tab delimited files do not contain quote characters and have the file extension .xls. Tab delimited files will open directly in Microsoft Excel.

• Select whether to Include Hidden Information in the downloaded data. Hidden information includes columns and students who have been hidden from the view in the downloaded file.

Options for creating the file format, either an .XLS or .CSV file type.

6. In Save Location, you will decide to export the grade center to your computer, or to the Content Collection

Save Location options include whether to save to "My Computer" or "Content Collection".

7. Once you have verified your download settings, click Submit.

Click Submit to Proceed, the two options (left to right) are Cancel and Submit

8. On the following screen, click the Download button then Save within the Windows Explorer Option. 

9.The Grade Center will download as an Excel file. You can work offline editing and updating grades and then upload back to the Grade Center.

the button to Download the file will appear, click on the button and save the spreadsheet in your computer.

Note: When opening the file as a security precaution, Microsoft Excel may ask if you are sure you would like to open the file. Click Yes.

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