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Managing Graded Attempts

There will be cases where attempts might need to be ignored or cleared in order for the student to try again. First let us define what each one does. Ignore Attempt, when a student’s attempt might need to be kept for future reference, but is preventing a student from resubmitting in a single attempt assignment or when a student’s attempt can be removed from the list of attempts so as to not be counted in the average– maybe an erroneous submission or incomplete assignment- but you do not want to delete it. Clearing an Attempt, will delete the attempt forever, you should be sure that you are looking at the correct student, and the correct attempt before proceeding.

  1. Go to the Full Grade Center.
  2. Click on a View Grade Details – it can be graded or in need of grading.

a screenshot of the Full Grade Center with the drop down menu on an assignment shown

Ignoring Grade Attempts

  1. Once in the View Grade Details area click on Ignore Attempt.

a screenshot of the Grade Details screen with the ignore attempt option highlighted

Clearing Grade Attempts

  1. After clicking on View Grade Details, select Clear Attempt.

a screenshot of the Grade Details screen with the Clear Attempt option highlighted