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Using the Glossary

Each entry in the Glossary consists of the term and an accompanying definition.

Locate the Glossary

  1. Login to Blackboard and select the course in which you would like to create a glossary.
  2. Once you have entered the course, make sure Edit Mode is ON.
a screenshot of the Edit Mode toggle set to on  

3. Locate the Control Panel and select Course Tools and then select Glossary.

a screenshot of the Control Panel with Course Tools expanded and Glossary selected  

Adding an Entry Manually

  1. Click Create Term.
a screenshot of the Create Term button  

2. Enter the Term and the Definition.

3. Click Submit

a screenshot of the Create Term dialog box with Term name and definition entered  

Adding Multiple Entries Using the Upload Tool

Another way to add entries is to upload an Excel, Tab delimited text file (.TXT), file with
multiple terms and definitions. To format your document, do the following:


  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Enter the Term in cell A1 and the Definition in cell B1.
  3. Continue adding terms on subsequent rows until all terms have been added.
a screenshot of the Excel spreadsheet used for uploading glossary terms  

4. Save the document as a .TXT file. Note: Remember the location of the save Excel file.

a screenshot of the Save As dialog box  

5. You will now return to Blackboard Glossary page.

a screenshot of the Course Tools drop down menu expanded with Glossary selected  

6. Click Upload/Download and then Upload Glossary.

a screenshot of the Upload Glossary option from the Upload/Download drop down menu  

7. Click Browse My Computer to locate the saved Excel file.

a screenshot of the Upload Glossary dialog box with Browse My Computer button selected  

8. Locate select the Excel file. Click Open.

a screenshot of the Excel Glossary file that you created in the Open dialog box  

9. You will see the .txt file attached in the Selected File area.

a screenshot of the Locate Upload File screen with the file name inserted  

10. Choose one of the following options:

  • If you would like to add the new terms to existing terms, select Add the Terms in this File to the Glossary.
  • If you would like to replace terms you have already entered, select Delete all Glossary Terms and Replace with the Terms in this File.

11. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Submit button  

12. Your terms will be added to the glossary.

a screenshot of the final glossary after upload is complete  

Making the Glossary Visible to Students (Available to Users)

The glossary must be enabled by the Instructor before Students can view it. To turn on the glossary:


  1. Click the blue Add Menu Item (plus sign) button at the top left of the course menu and select Tool Link.
a screenshot of the Add Menu Item button expanded with Tool Link selected  

2. You may name the glossary area anything you like.

3. From the Type drop-down, select Glossary.

4. Make sure the “Available to Users” checkbox is checked.

5. Click Submit.

a screenshot of the Add Tool LInk screen with all of its parts labeled 2 to 5 to match the previous list  

6. Students can now view the glossary and the terms you have added to it.

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