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Blackboard Learn: Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards

A discussion board is a general term for any online "bulletin board" where you can leave and expect to see responses to messages you have left. Responses from you or your students are posted to the board. Discussion Boards differ from Chat Rooms in that participants do not need to be logged in at the same time; the communication process is asynchronous.

When planning a discussion board assignment, you should consider how the assignment fits into Class Readings, in-class discussions, and other writing that you are asking your students to do.

Create a Discussion

1. In the bottom left Course Management Menu, click on Course Tools. The menu will expand beneath, click on Discussion Board.

the course management course tools expanded with Discussion Board highlighted.

2. A list fo all the discussion boards created within the course is available in the Discussion Board window.

the discussion board page shows all the boards currently existing.

3. Go into the Class' discussion board. Click on Create a Forum.

Inside the discussion board you can select Create Forum to add a new one.

Forum Settings

1. In Forum Information and Forum Availability you may fill in the following:

  • Name - Title of the Discussion Forum
  • Description - the purpose of the discussion forum. You can add the Topic question here or create a thread within the forum.
  • Available - Choose whether or not you want the forum to be shown.
  • Date and Time Restrictions - Choose the date and times to show and hide the Discussion. These settings can be optional.
Forum settings page has Name (which is required) and Forum availability.
2. In Forum Settings you can select:
  • Standard View - Participants have access to other forum thread.
  • Alternative View - Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in the forum.
Forum settings also includes "Viewing Threads and Replies" options
3. Grade
  • No Grading in Forum
  • Grade Discussion Forum - Assign points to the Forum.
  • Grade Threads - Assign points to forum threads.
The forum settings also include Grade and Alignment options.
4. Subscribe
  • Do not allow Subscriptions.
  • Allow members to subscribe to threads.
  • Allow members to subscribe to the forum.
The forum settings let you set up a subscription setting for forums.
5. Create and Edit.
  • Allow Anonymous Posts
  • Allow Author to delete own posts.
  • Allow author to edit their published Posts.
  • Allow members to create new threads.
  • Allow file attachments.
  • Allow users to reply with Quotes.
  • Force moderation of Posts.
Create and Edit options allow a variety of options. Check the box next to the one you would prefer.
6. Additional Options.
  • Allow Post Tagging.
  • Allow members to Rate Posts.
Additional Options incude post tagging and for members to rate posts.
7. Click Submit.
Shown left to right: Cancel and Submit options.
8. The new forum will be listed in the Discussion Board. To view new forum threads, click its title.
When a forum is created successfully it will appear within the discussion board and show relevant information. 
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