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Applying a Rubric to a Graded Discussion

Rubrics allow you to apply specific grading criteria on your students' work and provide detailed explanations regarding your grading decisions. A rubric can be applied to an assignment, test or a discussion topic. One could apply a rubric to a discussion forum so the threads can be easily graded. For Information on how to create a rubric, visit Creating a Rubric.

  1. Go to the discussion board to which you wish to apply the rubric, and click its Action Link. Select Edit.
Edit forum
  1. Scroll down to Forum Settings.
  2. Make the Forum Graded by selecting the radial button next to Grade Discussion Forum and enter the amount of points possible.
  3. Click the Add Rubric button and then click Select Rubric.
Select Add Rubric and then select rubric
  1. A pop-up window will appear. Select the rubric you would like to use and then click Submit.
  2. The rubric will be added. If you would like to show the rubric to students click the drop-down menu and click select one of the options.
  3. Click Submit.
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