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Blackboard Grade Center: Create Reports

Blackboard Grade Center: Create Reports

You can create reports of students' grades using the reporting tools in Blackboard.

Create a Grade Report

1. Scroll down to the control panel on the left, and click Grade Center.

2. From the options that expand, select Full Grade Center.

course management panel with its Grade Center options expanded. Click Full Grade Center.

3. Click the Reports Button and select Create Report.

In the full grade center there will be 4 tabs, the last one is Reports. Hover over it and click "Create Report"

4. Type a name for the report, and then place checkmarks beside items to be included in the report.

Header information contains report name, date, institution name, course information and name of users by role.

5. Next, place checkmarks besides which users you wish to include in the report.

select from all users, all users in groups, or specific users for granular reports.

6. Place checkmarks beside the user information you want to include.

from the list of options select what user information will appear in the report.

7. Next, decide which columns you wish to include in the report. If you choose Selected Columns, a list of the course's columns will appear, and you can use the CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple items.

Select all columns displayed, all the columns (hidden or shown), columns in grade periods, categories, or specific columns.

9. Finally, add the footer information you wish to be present in the report.

Add custom text or select from the options available: signature line, date, and course information

10. You can click the Preview or Submit button to see generate a report.

From left to right the options are: Cancel, Preview, and Submit

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