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Course Menu

Course Menu

The Course Menu appears on the left side of a Course and contains links to materials and tools within the Course. You can customize the appearance of the Course Menu, the content and tools available to users. The course menu can be collapsed, expanded or hidden to allow more room for content.

Understanding the Course Menu

content menu list which has various subheaders, content menu options, and a dividing lines between varios topics.

1. Subheader: A subheader is unlinked text. You can group related links under a subheader to help users find information quickly.

2. New Course Menu Item: This menu item will not appear to students if there is no content in the area.

3. Divider: A divider is a line that visually divides the course menu to help users find information quickly. After you create it, you can move it to the appropriate position.

To view your instructor controls, toggle the Edit Mode button to the "On" position. The "Off" position will make items, assignments and links; the content items will be restricted by any Date or Adaptive Release rules.

On the top right corner when making changes to your course, make sure Edit Mode is toggled On.

Adding Content

1. A new course menu item can be added by clicking on the Plus Sign at the top of the menu and selecting the content/item to be added.

the plus sign at the top left corner opens a submenu with various options to add to the course menu.

2. Give your new area a name. If you want to make the item available to students immediately, check the "Available to Users" checkbox. Otherwise, you can un-hide the item when you are ready. Click Submit to create the item.

add a content area, a name is required, check the box "available to users" for others to see it. Click Submit when done.  

3. The newly created item will default to the bottom of the course menu. You can move the item(s) up or down by using the vertical arrows to the left of the course menu and drag the item(s) into position. The square icon with the dashed lines indicates the link is currently empty and hidden from view. A square with a diagonal line across it indicates the link is currently hidden from the student's view.

Newly added content areas are empty and will be marked as such with a grey square. You can add content to it at any time.

4. The circular arrow is an action link to a contextual menu which provides access to options for each menu item. You can edit the title, show or hide links to students, or delete links. To add content to an empty course content page, click on the content link's name.

Content items have a circle with an arrow at the end of the name that gives you more options.

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