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Getting Started with the Course Environment

Getting Started with the Course Environment

Edit Mode

The Edit Mode button allows you to change the view of content on the screen. To add or edit content, turn Edit Mode to On. To preview content as a student will see it, turn Edit Mode to Off.

The top right corner of the Blackboard content area will have the button for "Edit Mode is On/Off" toggled accordingly.


Breadcrumbs appear at the top of pages and provide links back through the path you navigated through to get to the current page.

breadcrumbs are meant to lead you back to the top level where you initially started looking at course content.

Course Menu

The course menu includes links to the content in the course. The order of the items in the menu is customizable. It can be arranged by subject or the order in which you would like students to progress through the materials.

The course menu can be structured and host a wide variety of structures. In this case it is broken down by sections.


A banner image can be included at the top of the homepage for the course, and at the top of any module page added to a course.

banenr that can appear at the top of the course. The image says "welcome to blackboard" and "faculty orientation"

Drag and Drop

Content Area and Course Menu can be repositioned to reflect the way you want it displayed. The Drag and Drop Arrows enable you to use the mouse to re-position items on a page by clicking on the item, dragging it to the desired location, and releasing the mouse button.

To the left of a content item, there will be two arrows that when you click and hold on the mouse lets the user drag and drop

Control Panel

The Control Panel lets you access the content collection (see more information below); Course Tools and their descriptions and availabilities; Evaluation and its Reports; the Grade Center with student submissions and class overviews; User and Groups Lists management; Customizing the Class, like adding a banner or changing the course theme; Packages and Utilities options like Course Copy or Export/Import Packages; the Help documentation from Blackboard.

Course management panel. It offers a variety of options. From content colleciton to help.

Content Collection

It stores the files that are used in course content areas. The content collection acts as a central repository; organize your content by creating folders. You can also upload new files directly to the content collection and link to them if needed.

Expanding a subsection of the panel gives you multiple options as well. Content collection mostly deals with the top two options


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