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Blackboard: Course Calendar Tool

The Course Calendar tool shows all institution, course, organization, and personal calendar events for a user, consolidated into a single view. Users can select whether to see events for all courses or only for specific courses, and can change views to see daily, weekly, or monthly schedules of events.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly View

Click the corresponding icon to switch the Calendar view. When you are using Daily or Weekly views, the displayed month in the left area allows you to quickly move to different dates.
  1. Daily View
  2. Weekly View
  3. Monthly View
a screenshot of the 3 calendar view icons

Selecting Specific Courses/Organizations

  1. To only see events for specific courses or organizations, use the color-coded checkboxes on the left to indicate which course or organization you wish to see.

a screenshot of the color coding checkboxes for organization

Creating a Calendar Event

1. In the large Calendar area to the right, click on the day of the event. (Using daily or weekly view, you can click a specific time.)

2. The Create Event window will pop up.

a screenshot of the Create Event dialogue box

3. Give the Event a name

a screenshot of the Event Name field

4. In the Calendar drop menu, choose the course or organization for the event. The default is the current course or organization you are in.

a screenshot of the Calendar Selection drop down menu

5. Select the start and end dates. Date and time can simply be typed in, or you can use the popup calendar and sliders to enter the dates and times respectively. Clicking the All Day checkbox will bypass the time requirement.

a screenshot of the Start and End Date picker in the Create Event dialogue box

6. Click the Repeat checkbox to have the event repeat. Since this event is for a Weekly Report, we will want to schedule this event weekly.

a screenshot of the Event Repeat options

7. Enter a description for the event and click Save.

a screenshot of the Event Description field


Editing an Event

Clicking an existing event will bring up the Edit Event screen.

The dates and description can be changed. If the event is an assignment or assessment, a Grade button will appear that takes you to the Grade Center. A link is also provided that lets you edit the settings for the assignment or assessment.

a screenshot of the Edit Event dialogue box