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Using Blackboard's Needs Grading Page

When a student submits an assignment or a test not auto graded by Blackboard, the submission will appear in the Needs Grading section of the Blackboard Grade Center. To grade the submissions in “Needs Grading”, go Control Panel > Grade Center > Needs Grading.


Locate Needs Grading in the Control Panel under Grade CenterNavigating the Needs Grading Page 

  1. Select Grade All to begin grading. 
  2. The total number of items to grade appears above the list of items. After you grade attempts, they no longer appear on the Needs Grading page. 
  3.  Apply filters to narrow the list by category, item, user, and date submitted. If you apply a filter, only the filtered items appear in the list and in the queue. The filtered list remains in effect until you edit the filter choices or log out. Select the X to collapse the Filter field.
  4. Sort columns to organize your list. To sort a column, select the column title. The sorted list remains in effect until you change it or log out. These columns appear on the Needs Grading page: 
  5. Category: Sort attempts to group all like items together, such as assignments. 
  6. Item Name: Sort attempts by alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order. 
  7. User Attempt: Sort attempts by a student's name. The number of attempts for the item is listed in parentheses. 
  8. Date Submitted: Sort attempts by the date and time students submitted the attempts. If you allowed students to submit a test after the due date, a Late label appears in the column. You must manually review the submissions to remove the Needs Grading status. 
  9. Due Date: If you provided a due date when the item was created, sort attempts by due date and grade items that are due first. 
  10. Access an item's menu and make a selection. For example, for assignments, you can select Grade All Users or Grade with User Names Hidden. Interactive items such as blogs have the option to Reset All, which clears the activity counter and moves the item out of needs grading status. A total number of attempts for the selected item is listed in parentheses. 
  11.  Select Show All to display up to 1,000 items on one page. Select Edit Paging to change the number of items to view per page.
Preview of Needs Grading Page
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