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How to Export Course Packages

Under the Control Panel menu:

1. Click on Packages and Utilities.

2. Click on Export/Archive Course.

Image of the course menu in a Blackboard course

3. On the Export/Archive Course page: Click the Export button.

Export Package button

4. On the Export Course page: Under section 2 – File Attachments, use the following recommended settings selected.

File Attachment Settings, use defaults

5. Under Section 3 – Select Course Materials:


  • Select the areas you would like to include under content area by simply checking a specific item, or to include all check the content area box.
  • Grade Center Columns and Settings
  • Settings (Banner Image, Course Guest Access, Course Observer Access, Language Pack, Navigation Settings)
  • Tests, Surveys, and Pools

You can generall use Select All, possibly unselecting Announcements and switching Discussions to not include starter posts

Simply check the boxes of any items of interest to include them in the export. Please note
that these sections are already a part of a course; however, should you bring old information
to a new course you can delete unwanted items.
  • Note: We recommend clicking the Select All button above Content Area to check
    every box under section 3.
On the Export / Archive Course page, you should see a green banner that confirms the
completion of the process.

6. Additionally, an email will be sent to you when the process is complete.

Email from Blackboard Support

7. Now that the process is completed, a zip folder will appear. Return to the Export/Archive page to download the file. Move your curser over the action link / down arrow next to file links name and click Open.
8. A pop-up will appear. Select the Save File option and click the OK button. You will need to make sure you save this file to your desktop.

Importing Course Packages

The export file that you created in the preceding steps can be used to import the content into
another Blackboard course. This method will bring in content from a different Blackboard
environment, unlike Course Copy which only works on the same environment.
  1. Access the course that you are importing the content to.
  2. Under the Control Panel menu, click Packages and Utilities.
  3. Click Import Package/View Logs.

Import Package/View Logs in Menu

4. On the Import Package/View Logs page: Click the Import Package button.

Import Package Button

5. On the Import Package page: Click the Browse My Computer button and locate the zip file created in the previous steps when you made the Export Course Package. Select the file and click Open.

6. In the Select Course Materials area, match the selections you made when you created the Export package, clicking the same checkboxes. Generally, it is fine to use the Select All button here, as only the items selected in the Export process will come over.
7. Click Submit. There will be a waiting period while the content is imported in, depending on the size of the Import file. When the process is finished you will get an email letting you know.
For additional support, visit