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The Blackboard Control Panel

Course administration is accessed through links in the Control Panel. This area is only available to users with one of the following defined Course Roles:

  • Instructor
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Grader
  • Course Builder
  • System Administrator
Blackboard Control Panel


The Control Panel is underneath the course menu for any course and comprises the areas listed in the following table:

Area Function
Content Collection (Files) Each course has its own files area accessed in the Content Collection section of the Control Panel. With Content Collection, an Instructor has access to all files from a central location in the course at either the course level or other courses they are authorized in.

Content in the Content collection can be used in multiple places within the course just by linking to it.
Course Tools Contains all the available tools that can be added to a course.
Evaluation Provides links to Course Reports, the Early Warning System, and the Performance Dashboard, which are used to view information about Student activity and content usage, and to be notified about performance based on criteria created by the Instructor.
Grade Center Provides links to the Full Grade Center, Needs Grading, Assignments, and Tests.
Users and Groups Create and administer groups of Students to collaborate on work.
Customization Customize the look and tools available through the Style and Tool Availability options.
Packages and Utilities Import, export, copy, move, and archive options are available for your course and course files. Importing course cartridges is also available.
Help View resources via contacting Blackboard support or video tutorials.


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