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Blackboard: Using the Content Editor

The content editor allows you to add and format text, insert equations and hyperlinks, tables, and attach different types of files to create content. The content editor or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is found in many different tools including Discussions, Assignments, and Content Items.

Simple Mode

The content editor has two modes: simple and advanced. Simple mode is the default mode that is first shown. Click the show more button – represented by three dots to switch to the Advanced Mode.

Expand content editor screenshot

The Simple Toolbar has some common options for formatting text, including changing font, changing color of the text, and creating bulleted and numbered lists. Also included is a spell check button and buttons for creating hyperlinks.

Advanced Mode

When the toolbar is expanded to three rows of functions, you may used advanced functions including the available formatting and object attachment functions

Advanced Mode Screenshot

Best Practice: Copying and Pasting Text to Prevent Loss

To protect against losing work if an internet connection loss or software error occurs, you may choose to type in an offline simple text editor, such as Notepad or Microsoft Word, and copy and paste your work into Blackboard.
Alternately, before submitting or saving, you can select and copy all of the text typed in Blackboard. Select the text and right-click to copy it. You may also use key combinations for copying and pasting:
  • Windows: CTRL+A to select all the text, CTRL+C to copy, and CTRL+V to paste.
  • Mac: COMMAND+A to select all the text, COMMAND+C to copy, and COMMAND+V to paste.
Blackboard will ask if you would like to keep the orignal formatting of the copied text or if you would like to paste the text without the formattting.
Keep or remove formatting Screenshot

Adding Images

  1. Click the Add Content function to embed an image in the text area or edit an existing selected image. 
  2. Next select, Insert Local Files to browse your computer for the image.
Insert images using the Add Content function screenshot 
You can add the common image types, such as GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIF.

Using the Math Editor

The math editor delivered within the content editor provides an interface for creating and managing math formulas in your course. The math editor automatically converts formulas and equations to images so that users do not need to download an applet to view them. The formulas and equations continue to remain fully editable for an author.

Click the launch math editor function to open the math equation editor window. JavaScript must be enabled for the math editor to function.

Insert a Math Equation screenshot

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