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Blackboard Browser Test

The Browser Test tool performs a series of diagnostic tests to help users identify and/or resolve common configuration problems in Blackboard. The Browser Test module provides ample data for configuring your computer to work more efficiently with Blackboard.
NOTE: Successfully passing the browser test does not guarantee that a browser, computer, or user will function without error while using Blackboard. Check your browser now
The Blackboard browser check will check the following configurations: 
  • Browser Check: Checks to see if the browser you are using is validated for use with Blackboard. At this time, we only support browsers that are Compatible or Certified.
  • JavaScript Check: Almost every part of the Learning System relies on JavaScript for the ability to generate interactive web pages. You must have JavaScript enabled.
  • Cookies Check: Makes sure your browser is configured to allow cookies, small bits of data Blackboard stores on your computer.
  • Pop-up Blocker: The Learning System sometimes uses small browser windows to deliver requested content.
  • Port 80 Check: Port 80 is your standard Internet port and its how information enters your computer from Blackboard.
  • Java Check: Checks to make sure Java is installed on your system. 
  • PDF Check: Verifies that you can open Adobe Acrobat files.
Pay attention to any warnings that indicate potential compatibility issues. You will see a check mark for every test that you pass. If you see a failure message, you may need to update your settings.

Check your Browser While in Blackboard

If you cannot locate the Browser Test Module on your My Blackboard page, please add it before beginning course work in Blackboard.

1. Login to Blackboard.

2. Click on the Add Module button in the top left.

Add Module if browser test is not listed on Blackboard dashboard

3. In the Add Module window, locate the Browser Test module and then click add.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click OK to add the module.

5. The Browser Test module should then appear as a module item in the My Blackboard modules area.

6. Click on Test your Browser to run the Browser Test diagnostics.

Test your browser button to check browser

7. Ensure all of the Required Components have Green Checks. Items with Purple X’s may need to be updated or installed.

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