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Blackboard: Create a Blank Page

The Blank Page tool allows you to create a text document which displays like a webpage to students. In the blank pages you can add images, tables, text, hyper-links, Mashups, attachments and more. When you add a blank page to a content area, only the link is displayed, which students will click to view the document you have created.
  1. Login to Blackboard and select your course.
  2. On you have entered the course, make sure Edit Mode is ON.    
  3. Select the content area where you would like to add the blank page.
  4. Click Build Content and then choose Blank Page.

Build Content Select Blank Page

  1. Once the page loads, replace the “New Page” title with a descriptive name for the page.


    This becomes the link in the course area. No description appears with the link title.

Give descriptive title to new page

  1. Type your content for the page in the Content Creator box. You can use the Text Editor functions to format the text and include files, images, web links, multimedia, and mashups.    
    Add file attachments and select other options as needed.
  2. Click Submit.

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