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Blackboard Learn: Creating Assignments

1. Log into Blackboard Learn.

2. Enter the course in which you wish to create an assignment.

3. Make sure to turn edit mode ON at the top right-hand corner of the page. You may want to create a new Content Area in the Content Menu for Assignments.

4. Select the left-hand course menu and click Content Area.

a screenshot of the left hand menu expanded with Content Area highlighted  

5. Enter a name for the content area, such as Assignments.

6. Click the Available to Users checkbox to allow users to view the item.

a screenshot of the Content Area dialog box with Name and Submit button highlighted  

7. Click Submit.

8. A new button will be added at the bottom of the left-hand course menu. Click the new button to enter the empty content area.

Create an Assignment

1. In this new content area, click the Assessment button, and select Assignment

a screenshot of the Assessments drop down menu with Assignment selected  

2. Within the Create Assignment page, type the name, instructions, attach any files necessary.

3. Select the due date.

a screenshot of the Attach file area and the Due Dates fields  

4. In Grading, enter the Points Possible.

5. Expand Submission details to choose between Individual or Group Submission.

a screenshot of the Grading fields with Points Possible and Assignment Type highlighted  

6. Add any rubrics if necessary to this assignment. Please see the Creating a Rubric document to learn more about the new grading features.

7. Scroll down to enter the Availability

a screenshot of the Availability menu with Make the Assignment Available check box checked  

8. Click Submit

a screenshot of the submit button  

Edit an Assignment

To edit an existing assignment, go to the assignments page and locate the assignment you wish to edit.

Click the action link to the right of the title of the assignment and select Edit.

a screenshot of the Assignment action menu expanded with Edit selected  

You will be taken back to a page where the Assignment options can be changed.

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