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Course Export/Archive

  • Export Course creates a package of course content that can later be imported into the same course or a different course.
  • Archive Course creates a permanent record of a course including all the content and user interactions available at the time the Archive is created.


1. Log into Blackboard Learn and enter the course you want to archive.

2. Under the course management area, click Packages and Utilities, and then click Export/Archive Course.

a screenshot of the Control Panel with Package and Utilities option expanded  

3. Next, click the Export Package button.

a screenshot of the Export Package button  

4. On the Export Course page.

Note: Ensure that you select the options to include copies of the links and copies of the files in step 2.
a screenshot of the File Attachements menu  

5. Select Course Materials, make your selections or simply click Select All.

a screenshot of the Select Course Materials options  

6. Click the Submit button.

7. You will see a “Success” notification in green.

Note: You will also receive an email notification that the operation was completed successfully.
a screenshot of the green Success notification message bar  

8. Your course export will begin to run and will be in queue.

9. Click refresh until the package appears. You may need to do this a few times.

Note: Course archives may take longer than a few minutes depending on the size of your course.

a screenshot of the Export/Archive Course area with the Refresh button visible  

Saving the Exported or Archived File

1. Once you have received email notification that the course Export/Archive is complete, click refresh to show the package.

2. You will now see your Export file.

a screenshot of the Export/Archive Course area with the Exported File available  

3. Hover your mouse to the right of the file until you see an Action Link.

4. Click the Action Link and then select Open.

a screenshot of the Exported File action menu expanded  
5. If asked to Open or Save the file, click Save.
    Note: This dialog box may look different depending on your browser.

6. Specify the location where you would like to save your file and then click Save.

7. The file will begin to download. Once it is complete, you may exit Blackboard.

a screenshot of the Save As dialog box  

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