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Blackboard Learn: Announcements

The Announcements tool provides an area in Blackboard Learn for posting important information about the course, such as assignment due dates or content changes. The Instructor can add, edit, and delete announcements from the Announcements page.

Creating an Announcement

1. Log into Blackboard Learn

2. Go to the My Courses Tab and enter the course in which you want to use Announcements

3. In order to create content, make sure the Edit Mode button is ON.

a screenshot of the My Courses home page with the Edit Mode toggle set to ON  

4. From the Course Management control panel, click Course Tools then select Announcements.

a screenshot of the Course Tools drop down menu expanded  

5. In the Announcements window, click on the Create Announcement button.

a screenshot of the Announcements section with the Create Announcement button  

6. Within the Create Announcement window you can fill in the following information:

  • Subject - free form field for you to create a subject line.
  • Message - the body of the announcement. It can contain formatted text, attached files, images, multimedia, and links.
a screenshot of the Create Announcement dialog box  

7. In the Web Announcement option fill the following information:

  • Duration – if the Not Date Restricted option is selected, the announcement is visible to Students until deleted by the instructor or until date restrictions are implemented. If Date Restricted option is selected, the announcement is set to start and stop on specific dates and times.
  • Select Date Restrictions – if the duration is set to restricted you define the date/time restriction in this area.
  • Email Announcement – selecting this will send an email (not a message) to students enrolled in the course.
  • Course Link – this is a shortcut to an area, a tool, or an item. The link appears in the announcement only when the area, tool, or item is available. If the item is unavailable, the link does not appear in the announcement.
  • Once the announcement information has been entered, click Submit to add the announcement.

a screenshot of the Web Announcement Options and the Course LInk section of the Create Announcement process  

Editing the Announcements

1. Enter the course which contains the announcement to be edited, and navigate to the announcements area. Click on the Action Link besides the announcement to be edited, and select the Edit.

a screenshot of the Item drop down menu in Announcements with the Edit and Delete showing  

2. Within the Edit Announcement Window you can make all necessary changes to the announcement.

3. Once the changes to the announcement are complete, click Submit to apply the changes.

a screenshot of the Edit Announcement dialog box  

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