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Announcements and The Notifications Dashboard

Announcements on the Notifications Dashboard

Announcements can be used to provide important information about a Course such as:
  • When assignments are due
  • Changes in the syllabus
  • Corrections/clarifications of materials
  • Exam schedules

You will be able to find new Announcements on your module Notifications Dashboard, from within the Courses and Information tab. This view is holistic to all your courses. If your instructors are using notifications, then they will show in this view. Note: the use of notifications is at the instructors’ discretion.

a screenshot of the Notifications Dashboard with Courses and Information highlighted

To view your Announcements, click the title and they will expand to show the title and their respective course.

a screenshot of the Announcements for a single course

Notifications within the Course

You may also find a module Notifications Page within your course(s). Instructors can create a similar page within their course, which would be specific to only that course.

a screenshot of the course Home Page with the My Announcements module activiated


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