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Setting Adaptive Release Criteria in Blackboard Tests

Setting adaptive release criteria in Blackboard allows the instructor to control the availability of a test, assignment, or other content to a student or a group of students based on criteria, such as by member, group, or grade information.

Setting Release Criteria

  1. Ensure that the Edit Mode is switched to ON
a screenshot of the Edit Mode toggle set to ON
  1. Locate the content item for which you would like to set adaptive release criteria. Example: add Adaptive Release to Test 1.
  2. Using your mouse, hover to the right of the title until the Action Link appears.
a screenshot of the Tests content area with an arrow pointing to the Action Link drop down
  1. Click the Action Link and then select Adaptive Release.

a screenshot of the Action drop down menu with an arrow pointing to the Adaptive Release

You will be taken to the Adaptive Release Page. You may select one of the following release options or a combination of several options:


Section 1 allows you to restrict the date along with using other release criteria. For example, one user may need to see the exam for only a particular date range.

Note: The dates for a test are always set from the Edit the Test Options screen. The display dates in the Edit the Test Options area always supersede Adaptive Release dates. Therefore, if you need to extend an exam to allow students to take a makeup, you MUST go to the Edit the Test Options screen to change the Display Dates. Do not use both.

a screenshot of the Date options menu


Section 2 allows you to grant access by membership.

  1. Clicking Browse takes you to an area where you can search the class roster list.
a screenshot of the Browse option highlighted by a red box
  1. Simply click Go to see the full roster, or your can
  2. Use the check boxes to select the student(s) that should have access to this item.
  3. Click Submit. Note: If you want the entire class to be able to access this item, you do
a screenshot of the Course Membership screen with the selection boxes highlighted by a red box
  1. To limit access to a specific group
  • Click the name of the group in the Items to Select box
  • Click the right pointing arrow to move this group to the Selected Items box.

a screenshot of the Membership screen with the Items to Select area highlighted by a red arrow


Section 3 allows you to set the content item so that its release is dependent upon criteria from a specific grade book column. For instance, you can require that a previous quiz grade be higher than 70 before the second quiz is released.

  1. Select the Grade Center Column from the combo box
  2. Use the options below to set the grade criteria.

a screenshot of the Grade menu with the selection drop down menu and the Score options highlighted by a red arrow

Review Status

Section 4 allows you to set Review Status. Use this option if students are expected to view a different item before having access to the item under consideration.

  1. Click Browse to see the course map.
a screenshot of the Review Status menu with Browse highlighted by a red box
  1. Click the content item you want learners to view before viewing adaptive release item.
  2. Once you have set all preferred release criteria, click Submit.

a screenshot of the Select Content area menu

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