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Activate Your Students in Blackboard

To allow students to access your Blackboard course shell, you must activate the students every semester. All face-to-face courses must be activated in order for students to gain access to courses in Blackboard.

Online and hybrid courses automatically open on the first day of classes and do not require activation. However, any course can be scheduled to activate up to two weeks prior to the first day of class.

Important Note: If you plan on combining courses, you must combine shells BEFORE activating the course.


Login to the Blackboard Course Management Portal

  1. Access the current Blackboard environment:
  • Blackboard 1 (Bb1): Fall, Spring, Winter mini-term, May mini-term, and Summer courses are available at
  • Login using your UHD credentials.
  • Once logged into Blackboard, locate the Manage Blackboard Courses Module.
Note: The module may appear anywhere on your Courses and Information page. You may rearrange the modules on this page.
  • Click the Manage Blackboard Course button.
  • You will be taken to the Blackboard Course Management Portal login screen.

a screenshot of the Manage Blackboard Courses  


Activate Courses Inside of the Blackboard Course Management Portal

  1. After logging in, click Select a Term and then select the correct term from the drop-down menu.
a screenshot of the select term drop down menu  
  1. Click Show Courses.
  2. You will see a list of courses. For each course there is a Manage Blackboard Course button. Select this button for the course you would like to activate.
a screenshot of the Manage Blackboard Course button on the show courses web page  
  1. You will be taken to a new page with more information. Scroll down and select Activate Students.
a screenshot of the activiate students button  
  1. Pick an activation date by using the calendar. After choosing your date, select Update Activation Date.
    a screenshot of the update activiation date option 
  2. Select Pick a new term or course to return to your list of courses.
  3. A check mark underneath the course in the Course List will indicate that your activation date has been successfully changed.

a screenshot of the check mark notification showing students are set to activate  

Please allow up to 4 hours for this change to reflect in Blackboard.