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Determining Test Interaction Using the Access Log

Instructors can view a test attempt's Access Log for a list of times of various student interactions with the test. The log can help to confirm whether a student began a test or ran into problems during a test.

Note: Access logs are not currently available for mobile-compatible tests that students submit
in the Mobile Learn app.

Locate the Access Log

1. Enter the course where the test was deployed.

2. Locate the Grade Center. This is where you will grade the test.

3. Under the Course Management Menu, click Grade Center.

4. Click Tests.

Select Grade Center then Tests

5. Locate the cell for the student’s test that you want to investigate.

6. The cell must contain either a grade or a Needs Grading exclamation mark for an access log to be generated.

7. Click the action link that appears next to the student’s grade when you hover over the grade.

8. A drop-down menu will appear. From the list, select the student’s test attempt.

Select Test attempt

9. On the “Grade Test” page, expand the Test Information section.

10. Click Access Log.

Access Log Found Under Test Information


More Notes About the Access Log

The Access Log shows a detailed list of every interaction a student had with the test for that attempt. The log shows the time the test was started, when each question was saved, and when it was submitted.

Read The Access Log

An unusual gap in activity might be interpreted as a connectivity problem if the student claims to have had one. However, the system cannot determine what caused the time gap—it can only show that it occurred. Be aware that the time spent on a question may include time that the student spent looking at other questions before saving that answer.

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