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Uploading a Zoom mp4 Recording to Mediasite

​This document contains instructions for locating a Zoom mp4 recording and uploading it to the UHD Mediasite servers for sharing.

Locating a Zoom mp4 recording

  1. Click on Settings in the top right corner of the Zoom client window.
  2. a screenshot of the Zoom settings icon
  3. Click on Recording in the left hand menu.
  4. a screenshot of the Recording option in the Settings drop down menu
  5. Here you can change the default storage location by clicking Change File Location.
    • Alternatively, check the box below to Choose a location for the recorded files when meetings end.
    a screenshot of the Recording menu with Change File Location circled and the check box for choosing save location highlighted
  6. Click Open to locate your recordings.
    • There you will find all recordings contained in folders organized by date.
    a screenshot of the organization of past recordings
  7. Double click to open the folder of the recording you’d like to upload.
    • The MP4 format is the file you will upload to Mediasite.

a screenshot of the MP4 formatted recording

Uploading your recording to Mediasite

  1. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to
  2. Log in using the same credentials you use to sign into Blackboard.
  3. Click on your folder in the left menu.
  4. a screenshot of your Folder in the navigation pane
  5. Choose the level of security for the video by clicking either the Secured folder or Unsecured subfolder.
  6. Once inside the desired folder, click the Add New button and select Presentation.
  7. a screenshot of the Add New drop down menu with Presentation highlighted by an arrow
  8. Click the Change Template button and scroll down to the MP4 OnDemand 16x9 option.
  9. a screenshot of the Presentation Template options a screenshot of the Presentation Information screen
  10. Add a Title and a Description.
    • Auto publish and make available are set by default.
  11. Scroll back up and click Save.
  12. a screenshot of the save button
  13. Select Upload New Video
  14. Browse to the location of your recorded Zoom files (Step 3 above) and then select the MP4 file you’d like to upload.
  15. a screenshot of the Upload New Video button in the Presentation
  16. Once the file is uploaded, click the Share tab
  17. Copy the full Link and paste it into a Blackboard Web Link.
  18. a screenshot of the Share tab with the Presentation Link circled
  19. When a green play icon appears click on the name of the presentation.
  20.  a screenshot of the green icon that represents a presentation that is ready to play
  21. Click the Edit tab and change the visibility to Viewable.
  22. a screenshot of the Edit tab with the Visibility section circled
  23. Click Save.

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Last updated 12/13/2020 9:39 PM