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Recording Presentations with Zoom

​Zoom is an excellent application for delivering presentations to groups or individually. Zoom has tools that make screen sharing, recording, and annotation simple. This document outlines the basics of recording meetings that you can share with students and colleagues.

Start a Meeting

  1. Open the Zoom Client and Sign In with SSO.
    • For more information, review the training videos here.
    a screenshot of the Zoom app icon
  2. From the Home tab, click one of the options to start a meeting.
    • Start without video (no webcam)
    • Start with video (includes webcam)
    a screenshot of the Zoom home screen with the Start Meeting buttons highlighted
  3. The meeting window will open.
    • Review tools a, b, c, and d below.

a screenshot of the Zoom meeting with webcam enabled and commands labeled

  • a) Audio/Video settings: Mute/Unmute your mic and turn your webcam video on/off.
    • Click Join Audio by Computer to activate your mic.
    a screenshot of the Join Audio by Computer button
  • b) Invite: Invite others by URL or by email.
  • c) Share Screen: Show a PowerPoint or other presentation in the Zoom meeting.
  • d) Record: Create an MP4 file that can be uploaded to a server such as OneDrive or YouTube and shared or record to the cloud and share a video link.

Share Your Screen and Record Your Presentation

  1. Click the Screen Share (c) button in the toolbar.
  2. Select a window or an application you want to share.
    • Example: Desktop 1 is selected.
  3. Click the Share Screen button.
  4. a screenshot of the Share Screen menu with the Share Screen button highlighted
  5. You will see a green border around the screen or application that is being shared.
    • Take note if using a computer with two monitors.
    a screenshot of the green border displayed around a shared screen
  6. Your webcam video will remain in the foreground.
    • Move/resize as needed.
    • The webcam video will appear in the final recording.
  7. Click the Record (d) button and choose either
    Record on this computer” or “Record to Cloud.”
    • Once screen sharing starts, you will find Record options in the More… menu of the top toolbar.
    a screenshot of the More pop up menu with Record highlighted
  8. When your presentation is finished, click Stop Recording in the More… menu.
  9. Click End Meeting when finished.
    • The recorded meeting will be converted to MP4 once the meeting has been ended.
    a screenshot of the Converting Meeting to Recording progress bar
  10. Login to to locate your recording.
  11. Click the Recordings tab and select Cloud or Local.

a screenshot of the Cloud Recordings and Local Recordings Tab

For additional support, visit

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