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VoiceThread Setup

Create VoiceThread Links

1. Start by creating a VT link in Blackboard.

For more information, review creating VT links in Blackboard (insert link here)

Course content's tools drop down menu open with voicethread selected.

2. Click Submit or Submit and Launch.

Clicking Submit creates the link, but you must finalize the set up at a later time.

Submit and Launch takes you directly to the next step to finalize the setup.

The three options at the bottom of VoiceThread deployment (left to right): Cancel, Submit and Launch, Submit

VoiceThread Setup

There are four types of VT links.

  1. Course View
  2. Home
  3. Individual VT
  4. Assignment Builder

VoiceThread setup options clockwise: Course View, Home, Assignment Builder, Individual VT

Course View

Displays all VoiceThreads shared with a course.

This option allows instructors and students to view all VTs shared in a single course.

Click Add your own in the top right corner to create new or add existing VTs to the course.

If a VT has not been shared it cannot be viewed here. Shared VTs can be managed from the Home view (described below).

Course View showing the various voicethreads linked to a single course


Display all VoiceThreads and all courses.

This option shows all VTs that you own. Only you have access to your Home view. Some VTs may not be shared with courses and therefore are not visible in the Course View described above.

Point to a VT and click the Share icon in the bottom left.

Share options with the arrow pointed right selected for sharing.

In the Share dialogue, select the course(s) or group(s) from the list on the left. Select the permissions you’d like to give others (View, Comment, or Edit). Click the Share button. Click the Who has access tab to manage sharing.

The options to share with a course, individual users, or export, as well as view, comment, edit, and finalize sharing.

Individual VT

Display a single VoiceThread. This option allows you to share a single VT in a single course. Use the options in the left hand menu to Create a new VT or select an existing VT from your VT Home.

A selected presentation with the option to share with class

Assignment Builder

Create a graded assignment requiring student to create/comment on/watch a VoiceThread. Remember to check all of the options in the “Extension Services” section when creating the link. For more information, review the document about creating VT links in Blackboard (insert link).

Types of Assignments


Require students to create and submit a VT of their own. Students can click the button to Create new VTs or select an existing VT from the left hand menu. For more information, please review the

Build options allowed to Create a New VoiceThread or select an existing one.


Require students to comment on a VT you have created. Require students to comment a minimum number of times before submitting for grading. Use moderated comments when assessing students

Create a commenting voicethread assignment


Require students to watch an entire VT start to finish. Students much watch the entire VT, including all comments to receive a grade.

Watch a voicethread assignment

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