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Turnitin Grade Mark

​GradeMark gives instructors the ability to provide feedback to students by enabling editorial highlights, custom comments, and QuickMark editing marks directly on the student papers.

View Originality Report and Access the Paper for Grading

  1. Click the >> View/Complete link to view your results.
  2. a screenshot of the View/Complete button
  3. Once again you will be taken to the submission form. At the top right of the page, click Messages.
  4. a screenshot of the Assignment inbox after clicking Messages
  5. In the Messages area of Turnitin, click the blue assignment inbox tab at the left.
  6. a screenshot of the assignment inbox
  7. This will take you to the list of papers you have submitted. Click the small bar with a percentage number in the SIMILARITY column to view the originality report.

a screenshot of the similarity score in the assignment inbox view

Using GradeMark to add Marks and Grade to a Paper

  1. The first screen will present you with the Originality Report. To use the GradeMark feature, click on the GradeMark tab.
  2. a screenshot of the grademark tab in the originality report
  3. The GradeMark tab presents the submitted paper on the left with a QuickMark Panel on the right.
  4. a screenshot of the QuickMark Panel
  5. The QuickMark panel and its features.
    1. Search Quickmark Templates
    2. Change Quickmark Set
    3. Add a bubble comment
    4. Add a text comment
    5. Open QuickMark manager.
    6. Add a comment for a selected piece of text
    7. Quickmark set (active set)
    8. Quickmark Panel indicator
    9. Add/View General Comments
    10. View comment list
    11. Rubric Grade
    a screenshot of the Quick Mark menu options a screenshot of the QuickMark Panel tool descriptons
  6. From the change QuickMark Set list, select the desired grading set to select from.
  7. a screenshot of the QuickMark Set list drop down menu
  8. The blue buttons correspond to editing marks relevant to your selected set. Click on the editing mark to have it automatically inserted in the document. E.g. TT2 – To/Too/Two.
  9. a screenshot of the TT2 tool tip 

    Note: When you hover over the editing mark to be inserted, the bottom section of the quick mark panel provides the usage details. These details are available for viewing online by students when they access their graded paper through your Turnitin assignment link. Students can also download a PDF version of their document complete with a GradeMark report detailing all grading marks and comments.

  10. Drag the editing mark to the desired location in the document.
  11. a screenshot of the editing mark being used to select the desired location in a document
  12. You can also add free-form comments which can be placed wherever you want within the document by selecting the icon.
  13. a screenshot of the free form commenting tool
  14. Enter the comment in the comment box and click Save. A comment icon will be placed in the document. Click on it to drag it to the appropriate place within the document.
  15. a screenshot of the comment box
  16. To enter General Comments, click the Comment icon at the bottom of the window. Enter comments or record a voice comment then click Save.
  17. a screenshot of the voice comment dialog box
  18. Once ready, you can enter a grade for the paper which will feed to the Grade Center in Blackboard. Above the Quick Mark panel, you will see the grade input are . Enter a grade for the student. E.g. 82.

a screenshot of the Grade Center score shown on the Quick Mark panel

Download or Print the Document with GradeMark Comments

  1. At the bottom left of the Turnitin tool bar, click on either of the two Print / Download icons.

Note: You may need to dis-able your pop-up blocker in order to see the document.

a screenshot of the Print and Download buttons

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