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Outlook Web App 2013: Sort and Order emails

  • ​Most folders that you use in Outlook are available in OWA.
    • Important Note: All archived folders and public folders are not available in OWA.
  • Click to open folders in the left side folder pane.
  • In each folder emails are sorted by date and ordered from newest to oldest.
  • Click the ITEMS BY menu at the top of the View pane to change how emails are sorted and ordered.
    • Conversations will be turned On by default.
    • Click Off at the bottom of the menu to ungroup emails by conversation.

a screenshot of the ITEMS BY drop down menu with Sorty By Date and Order Newest on Top selected 

Viewing conversations

If conversations are turned on, the following icons will be used to help you navigate the threads:

  1. Click the arrow to the left of the starter email to expand the conversation.
    • A check mark to the left of the email indicates the current selection.
    • An arrow to the right of the email indicates where you have replied.
    • A door indicates an automatic reply
    • A strikeout indicates a deleted email in the conversation thread.

a screenshot of the outlook inbox with conversations enables 

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Last updated 12/13/2020 7:02 PM