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Outlook Web App 2013: View Public Folders

​Public folders are now available in OWA 2013. You must first add public folders to your Favorites in Outlook mail client.

Adding Public Folders to Favorites in Outlook Client

  1. Open the Outlook mail client on your computer.
  2. a screenshot of the Outlook application icon  
  3. Click the ellipsis button in the bottom of the left hand folder pane.
  4. a screenshot of the ellipsis button  
  5. Click Folders in the ellipsis button menu.
  6. a screenshot of the Folders option in the drop down menu  
  7. Click the arrow to the left of Public Folders to expand a list of sub-folders.
  8. Click Downtown Campus to expand a second list of subfolders.
  9. Continue drilling down until you find your public folder.
  10. a screenshot of the All Public Folders drop down with the Downtown Campus folder selected  
  11. Right click the public folder and click Add to Favorites…
  12. a screenshot of the right click menu with Add To Favorites selected  
  13. The folder will now be visible under the Favorites folder in Public Folders (bottom of folder pane)
  14. a screenshot showing the user's Favorites Folder now with the selected Public Folder listed below it  
  15. Right click the folder again and chose Show in Favorites (top of folder pane).
  16. a screenshot of the right click menu wiht the Show in Favorites option selected  
  17. Click the Mail button at the bottom of the left hand folder pane.
  18. a screenshot of the Mail icon in the navigation pane  
  19. At the top of the folder pane, click the arrow to the left of Favorites to expand.

a screenshot of the Public Folder now displayed in the Favorites section of the Mailbox  

View Public Folders in OWA

Sign in to OWA and Expand the Favorites menu to show the public folders.

a screenshot of the Favorites folder in the inbox expanded with the selected Public Folder displayed  

Note: You may need to sign out and sign back in to OWA before you see the change.

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Last updated 6/30/2021 11:44 AM