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Outlook Web App 2013: Getting Started

​The Outlook Web App (OWA) for faculty and staff* has a new look and feel that is similar to the Outlook email client. This training document outlines some of the core features for using your Mail and Calendar.
*Students, please visit the UHD Office 365 page for more information about using GatorMail.

Sign in to OWA

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Enter your UHD username and password.
  3. Click sign in.

a screenshot of the UHD OWA sign in dialog box  

Reading email

Email messages can be read in two ways:

  1. Click to select an email message in the viewing pane and read it in the reading pane.
  2. a screenshot of the outlook mail being selected and the reading pane appearing on the right  
  3. Double click the email message to open a pop out window that contains the entire conversation.

a screenshot of the outlook mail being put into full screen mode  

For additional support, visit

Last updated 12/13/2020 7:00 PM