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Outlook Web App 2013: Applications (apps)

​OWA has several useful apps enabled by default such as Action Items, Suggested Meetings, My Templates, and more…

NEW FEATURE! Action Items app

Based on the content of an email message, Action Items will automatically highlight the relevant text and recommend a follow up action (flag).

  1. Click the Action Items button in the app toolbar.
  2. Click the FOLLOW UP flag at the bottom of the expanded message box.
  3. A new action item will be added to your Tasks.
  4. a screenshot of the Action Item app and the Follow up button highlighted  
  5. Click MARK COMPLETE to remove the item from your Task.

a screenshot of the Mark Complete button  

Suggested Meetings app

Like the Action Items app, Suggested Meetings will be triggered by the content of an email message.

  1. Click the Suggested Meetings button in the app toolbar.
  2. Click the SCHEDULE MEETING link at the bottom of the expanded massage box.
  3. a screenshot of the Suggested Meetings app with the Schedule Meeting button highlighted  
  4. A new window will open with the suggested meeting details.
    • Be sure to review the suggested start date and time before scheduling the meeting.

a screenshot of the Schedule Meeting dialog box  

Manage and Install Apps

Much like Add-ins in the Outlook client, you can use apps to aid with specialized functions. Disable or remove apps that you do not use, or search for and add new apps from the Office Store.

  1. Click the gear icon ( ) in the top right corner to update your OWA Options and settings.
  2. Click Manage Apps to open a list of installed apps.
  3. a screenshot of the Options drown menu with Manage Apps highlighted  
  4. To delete an app, click it in the list and click the trash can icon.
    • Some apps cannot be deleted.
  5. To disable an app, click it in the list and click disable in the right-hand box.
    • Repeat the steps to re-enable apps.
    a screenshot of the Installed Apps menu with the Application Controls and Enabled status highlighted  
  6. To add new apps, click the plus sign at the top of the list and click Add from the Office Store.

a screenshot of the Add Application drop down menu and the Add from the Office Store command highlighted  

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Last updated 12/13/2020 6:56 PM