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Export/Import Group Membership

​A new feature in SP 15 allows you to download the group membership. Export a CSV (comma-separated value) file containing groups and users to your computer. You can export your existing group and group members, reorganize as needed offline, and then import them to make changes.

Export Membership

  1. Inside the course, go to Users and Groups. Expand the list and click on Groups.
  2. a screenshot of the Course Management drop down menu with User and Groups expanded 
  3. On the top right corner, click on Export.
  4. a screenshot of the Groups screen with the Export button highlighted 
  5. From the list of options select one of the following:
    • Groups Only
    • Group Members only
    • Groups and group members
    • Check the box to include header row.
Click Submit and the process will be queued and you will receive an e-mail when it is finished with the data saved in a zip file.

    a screenshot of th Export Groups and Members dialog box with Export option and Submit buttons highlited  

    Looking at the Data

  1. Click on the E-mail link and download the file to your computer.
  2. a screenshot of the email with link and the Save As dialog box after clicking the embedded file  
  3. Once the file finishes download, right click on it and extract the contents.
  4. a screenshot of the Extract Files screen  
  5. Open the csv file.
  6. a screenshot of the CSV opened in Excel  

    Importing a Membership File

  1. Go to the Users and Groups section and click on Groups.
  2. a screenshot of the Course Management drop down menu with Users and Groups expanded  
  3. On the top left corner click on Import.
  4. Browse your computer and attach either the Group Members.csv or Group.csv.
    • a. Import Group Members: lets you attach the spreadsheet with the students assigned (or not) to a specific group.
    • b. Import Groups: lets you attach the spreadsheet in which you define which group is available (or not).
    a screenshot of the Import Group Members dialog box  
  5. Check the box next to each tool you want available for the groups you are importing, and click Submit.

a screenshot of the Tool Availability screen with all checkboxes marked for the newly imported group  

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Last updated 12/9/2020 5:57 PM