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Inline Grading

​Inline Grading is an SP15 feature that allows you to make comments, highlight, underline parts of a student’s submission, draw, strikeout sections of the document, etc. All from inside the Grade Center. In order to access Inline Grading, follow these steps.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Grade Center tools and select “Full Grade Center”
  2. a screenshot of the Grade Center drop down menu with Full Grade Center highlighted
  3. Go to an assignment with completed submissions by students.
  4. Click View Attempt mm/dd/yy
  5. a screenshot of the assignments view with submissions by students
  6. This will take you to the Grade Assignment page and you can commence the Inline Grading

Tools of the Trade

  1. Comments have three different options Point, Area or Text comment.
    • a. Using the Point Comment, click on a part of the document and type the comment in the margin.
    • b. Using the Area Comment, draw a border around the area in question and type the comment in the margin.
    • c. Using the Text comment, highlight a part of the text and type the comment in the margin.
    a screenshot of the Comment drop down menu
  2. The Draw button allows you to free-draw any shape or line inside of the document.
  3. a screenshot of the Draw tool
  4. Select Highlight and drag the cursor through a word, sentence or entire paragraph.

a screenshot of the Highlight tool

Assigning a Grade

  1. Once you are finished grading the assignment and providing feedback. On the Assignment Details column, you can assign a grade for the student’s attempt.

a screenshot of the Assignment Details column with the grade area for the attempt

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