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Respondus LockDown Browser Common Error


Unable to continue – Exam title indicates a webcam must be used, but the course is unknown to our system.
Solution(s): Ask your instructor to go to the “LockDown Browser Dashboard” for this course and check the settings for this exam

a screenshot of the error message

When accessing a test through LockDown Browser the system will default to the Blackboard 1 server (Fall & Spring Courses). This forces users to login to Blackboard 1 and use a link to switch over to Blackboard 2 (May & Summer Courses). 

How to fix it:
The solution is to change the server location Respondus uses to locate exams. Upon the LockDown Browser startup, you will see a box asking you to Choose a Server. From the dropdown menu, select UHD Bb2 May and Summer Courses.

a screenshot of the server selection drop down menu

If you quickly bypass this you will automatically select UHD – which will cause the error. Instead you should select the option that says “UHD Bb2 May and Summer Courses”.
Once this change has been made you may continue with the system check as usual and the test will load with no problems.

Last updated 12/13/2020 7:29 PM