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​​​What is Panopto Logo​?​

Panopto is a screen and lecture capture tool that facilitates the recording of your lectures on the screen with PowerPoint, Google Slides and or any other websites you want to show. You can also create short concept videos for known issues with course concepts for students to review. 

Whether you want to record your live classroom lectures for students to access on demand or record lectures in your office for fully online delivery, visit the Panopto site for examples on using Panopto.​

​​​​​Why are we moving?

​Before the pandemic, the vast majority of students were not enrolled in online courses and faculty experience with online teaching using our existing video streaming service varied significantly.  Additional features necessary to create engaging experiences for both our faculty and students were needed so we are moving away from our current video streaming service (Mediasite).

​​​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Panopto

  • What about my videos I have now in Blackboard?
    • Your videos will remain in Blackboard and should continue to function without interruption.​
  • What happens if I make a course copy?
    • Your links will be carried over from the source course to the destination courses as before.
  • How long will my videos be available in Mediasite?
    • Your videos will remain in Mediasite through the Spring semester of 2022.
  • How do I login to Panopto?
    • You can access Panopto anytime through your Blackboard course, you can quickly pair your course to your Panopto profile in a few clicks. We're also providing a separate link which you can use to access your UHD Panopto account​ outside of Blackboard. 
  • Who do I contact if I have more questions?​
    • ​​If you have any further questions feel free to contact Technology Learning Services at 713-221-2786 8:00AM - 5:00PM M-F​.​​​


​​​Panopto Logo for Faculty​ and Staff

Getting Started: Welcome to Panopto

Getting Started: Record a Video

How to upload video files

How to Link a Video​ (in Blackboard)

How to Share a Video​​​​

How to Add Automatic Captions to a Video

How to Use Panopto in Blackboard​

Panopto recently held a remote training session for UHD faculty members.  See the complete recording of this session.​

Panopto Logo for Students

How to Use Discussions​

How to Take a Quiz

Uploading Media Files​

How to Use the Panopto Mobile App

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