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Sorting Grade Center Columns

In the Grade Center, the columns for students' first and last names appear first by default. Columns for gradable items and calculations of those items appear across the page. You decide which columns appear and in what order. You can also filter your view.

Filter your view of the Grade Center 

You can narrow your view of the Grade Center data. Select Filter to expand the field and select an option from these menus: 
  1. Current View: Includes the Full Grade Center view, smart views, and grading periods. You can select a view to use as the default view with the Set Current View as Default icon. 
  2. Category: Includes all default categories and those you've created. 
Filter the Grade Center

Organizing Columns in the Grade Center 

On the Column Organization page, you can view all the columns in the Grade Center on one page. You can reorder the columns and the changes you make appear in the Grade Center grid.

  1. Go to the Grade Center and click the Manage button. 
  2. Select Column Organization
  3. Select Manage and then Column Organization
  4. In the column organization area, scroll down to see the list of all your assignments, discussions and tests. To change the order of the columns, click the move icon to the left of it and drag it down or up in the list. The top-most row in this area will be displayed as the left-most column in the Grade Center. 
  5. You may also hide or show a column by placing a checkmark beside the columns you wish to hide, and clicking the Show/Hide button. 
  6. Select the column you would like to hide and then select Show/Hide Note: this does not hide grades from students in their “My Grades” area A hidden column is indicated by gray italics and the word (Hidden) next to it.
  7. You may also change the category of a column by placing a checkmark beside it and clicking the Change Category To… button. This is useful if you are using advanced Grade Center calculations and need to add or remove an item into a certain category. 
  8. Once you have organized your column settings, you must click the Submit button in order for the changes to take place. 
  9. Change categories or submit all changes
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Last updated 12/10/2020 12:44 PM