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Creating a Test for Students with Accommodations

​The UHD Disabilities Services Office often sends notices regarding adjustments instructors should make for students with approved disabilities. One of the most frequently requested adjustments is extended time to complete a test. Previously, instructors would need to create a duplicate, “new” test for an accommodation and Adaptively Release the test. By adjusting the Test Availability Exceptions, the Adaptively Released “new” test is no longer needed.

Deploy the Test

Tests must be deployed to a Content Area from the Tests, Surveys, and Pools before accommodations can be set.
  1. To deploy the test, first select the area which you will add the test. In this example, we will add the test to the “Tests” area of the course.
  2. Click the Content area. Click Assessments button and then select Test.
  3. a screenshot of the Tests content area with the assessments drop down menu expanded adn the Test option selection
  4. Now in the “Add Test” area, select your test from the “Add Test” box and click Submit.
  5. You will be directed to the “Test Options” area.
  6. Edit the options for this test.
  7. Scroll down to the “Test Availability Exceptions” area. Here exceptions can be made to the existing test availability rules to accommodate a student.

Edit Test Availability Exceptions

  1. In the “Test Availability Exceptions” area, select Add User or Group.
  2. a screenshot of the Add User or Group button in the Test Availability Exceptions
  3. Select the student(s) /or group(s) of students needing accommodation settings for this test.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. a screenshot of the Add user or group dialogue box with the submit button highlighted
  6. Adjust the Attempts, Timer, Availability and Force Completion settings to suit accommodations for each student.
  7. a screenshot of the Attempts drop down menu with options expanded
  8. Review all test options for the test and click Submit.

Things to Consider

  • Since instructors are not creating a copy of the test for an accommodation, the test will be accessed from the Grade Center like those for students without accommodations and will allow the instructor to grade the test in the same column.
  • Students with and without accommodations will experience the same access to test information such as grades and feedback. “Adaptive Release” settings are no longer required.
  • Exceptions can apply to individual students or groups of students. If you choose to use groups, please make sure to make the group unavailable if you do not want students to see who is in the group.
  • Timer and force completion must already be enabled in the test availability rules in order to set timer and force completion exceptions.

Last updated 2/12/2020 6:01 AM