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Change Environments in the Bb Mobile App

​Currently we have two Blackboard environments:

  • Blackboard 1 (Bb1) -  used for Fall, Winter Mini & Spring courses
  • Blackboard 2 (Bb2) - used for May Mini & Summer Term courses

Depending on the current semester, you may need to change your environment on the Blackboard Mobile App. The following instructions will tell you how:

Changing Bb Environments

1. Open the Blackboard Mobile app and tap on the settings bar.

2. Select Settings.

Mobile App Settings
​3. Tap Log Out. You will be logged out of the current environment.
Mobile app Log Out
4. You will see your current environment (school name). Tap the school name and use the backspace key to begin deleting it.

5. After deleting a portion of the school name, you will see two different instances for the University of Houston-Downtown:

  • University of Houston-Downtown
  • University of Houston-Downtown May & Summer

6. Select the environment/instance for the current semester.

Two instances for the university of Houston-Downtown
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Last updated 12/9/2020 5:35 PM