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Blackboard Learn Quick Start Toolkit for Students (Basic Essentials)

This is intended as a basic introduction to Blackboard. After learning the four basic functions from the Quick Start toolkit below, you should be able to successfully get started in your online class.

Student - Quick Start Learn Toolkit Steps

  1. Log into Blackboard 
  2. Submit an Assignment
  3. Take a Test
  4. Communicate with Your Professor Using the Messages Tool

Ready to begin your short journey to mastering your online course?

Short journey begins below...​

Step 1: How do I log into B​​lackboard?

This step provides basic instructions on how to log into Blackboard and how to enter a course for the first time.

UHD Logo Click for Step 1 Instructions

Step 2: How do I submit an assignment​​ in Blackboard?

This step provides basic information on accessing and submitting an assignment in your Blackboard course.

UHD Logo Click for Step 2 Instructions

Step 3: How do I take a test in Blac​kboard?

Click the link below to view the steps necessary to take a test in your Blackboard course.

UHD Logo Click for Step 3 Instructions

Step 4: How can I communicate with ​​my professor in Blackboard?

This step provides information for communicating with your professor using the Blackboard Messages tool and the Blackboard Mail tool.

UHD Logo Click for Step 4 Instructions for Messages (internal course email)

UHD Logo Click for Step 4 Instructions for Mail (external email)

Note: Please adhere to the preferences of your instructors when using a communication tool within Blackboard Learn

Please visit the Computer Lab Hours page for any additional questions.​

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