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Known Issues

Tool or Functional Area
Issue Description​
Possible work around information
​Images not supported in assessment questions and answer choices in the Blackboard App
Multiple choice and fill in the blank formatting broken on iPad Safari

New question is added to the wrong position on the Test Canvas after a question was moved
Students receive error if test has File Response question, stating question is incomplete.

​Box View does not display video in full screen mode.  

​Hiding the left menu causes the Calendar to become horizontally stretched..  

Content Editor
​The Content Editor cannot resize images in a table via mouse.  
​The image can be resized by entering dimensions from the Appearance tab.

Create Rubric window not displaying Rubric Detail Menu if window is not expanded.


Click​ ​Here to view Blackboard's current list of known issues for Blackboard Learn Q4 2017.

Last updated 12/8/2020 5:33 PM