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UHD Information Technology Staff

Information Technology Leadership and Business Services
Associate Vice President of Information Technology Hossein Shahrokhi
Executive Director of Information Technology & Deputy Chief Information Officer Said Fattouh
​IT Project Support Specialist
​Megan Lee
​​​Senior IT Project Manager and Compliance Analyst Jennifer Huenemeier
Information Security AnalystShane Vaz
Director - Project Management OfficeKimberley Solomon
Assistant Director - Enterprise Systems Projects & Operations 
Maribel Villegas
Director, Information Technology Business Services Jacqueline Smith
Department Business Administrator IIBurgundi Lemond
Department Business Administrator IICheryl King
Financial Assistant IIVacant
Enterprise Systems
Director of Enterprise Systems Kong Yin
IT Project Manager and Business AnalystVacant
IT Project Support SpecialistTai Hilaire
Functional Analyst IIILupe Gongora
Functional Analyst IRoxanne Hernandez
​​Assistant Director, Enterprise Systems Vacant​​​
Assistant Director, Enterprise & Data Warehousing Services Gabriela Leal Kardoud
Database AdministratorSharyn Coffer
Database AdministratorMichael Tilley
Oracle System Analyst IIIPremalatha Chinnasami
Oracle System Analyst IIIRoselyn Begaye
Oracle Programmer AnalystNancy Yang
​Web Programmer IVVacant​
Assistant Director, Web Applications & Sharepoint Systems Chris Reynolds
Web Programmer IVMario Flores
Web Programmer IIIMichael Sheiman
Web Programmer IIVacant
Webmaster/ProgrammerFrederick Gregory
Network Application Specialist IIRose Martinez
Computing, Telecommunications and Video Operations
Director of Computing, Telecommunications & Video Network Miguel Ruiz
​​Assistant Director, Networking Infrastructure Steve Cachia
Telecommunications AnalystVictor Montejano
Telecommunications SpecialistJose Ayala
Telecommunications TechnicianJimbo Herrera
Video Network and Audio Video SpecialistJose Villatoro
Video Network and Audio Video SpecialistReginald Pickens
Manager, Data Center and Storage System Christopher Stewart
Data Center Specialist IIDominic Brasted
Data Center Specialist IJavier Diaz
Supervisor, Computing Operations Anthony Samudio
Computing Operations Specialist IIArthur Jackson
Computing Operations Specialist IIKeenan Myrow
Computing Operations Specialist ICory Okpaleke
Computing Operations Specialist AssistantJustin Clay
Coordinator, Information Technology Equipment InventoryDewayne Loville
Technical Services
Director, Technical Services Grace Davila
Assistant Director, Networking Infrastructure Laura Montelongo
Network Administrator III
Frank Reyna
Network Administrator I
Julio Rodriguez
Linux Systems Manager
Vince Esquivel
​Linux Systems Administrator
Ammad Khan
Systems Integration Administrator
Franklin Phan
Senior Sharepoint Administrator
Augustine Oladipo
Systems Administrator IV
Kenny Torres
Systems Administrator II
Berry Bryant
Systems Administrator I
Jack Ammerman
Technology Learning Services
Director, ​​Technology Learning Services John Lane
Assistant Director, Technology Learning Services Devin Dabney
Support and Training Specialist IIIWill Robinson
Support and Training Specialist IIILoShon Harvey
Support and Training Specialist​ II Manuel Fernandez
Support and Training Specialist IJoel Calix
Technology Trainer II​John Williams
Assistant Director, Technology Learning Services Lloyd Matzner
Manager, Classroom Technology and Event Support Nikhil Bhatt
Multimedia Engineer IIIDavid McCoy
Multimedia Engineer IIThomas Genoso
Multimedia Engineer IQuentin Arceneaux
Manager, Video Production and Digital Signage Services Albert Holden
Video Engineer IIIChris Latson
Video Engineer IDaniel Ko
User Support Services
Director, User Support Services Cheryl Robertson
Manager, User Services Oscar Delacruz
User Support Specialist IVCesar Mogollon
User Support Specialist IV
Thomas McBride
​User Support Specialist IV
​Khoa Phan
User Support Specialist IIIBrady Hoffman
User Support Specialist I​IIBrittany Clark
User Support Specialist IISyeda Sikandar
User Support Specialist IIJanet Ibarra
​User Support Specialist I
​Alixa Bahena
User Support Specialist IMichele Pineda
​User Support Specialist I
Garold Sears
Network Application Specialist IIIJuan Palos
IT Services Manager (Shea) Amanda Jones
User Support Specialist II
IT Services Manager (Commerce) Hitesh Patel
User Support Specialist IICarlos Garza
IT Services Manager (Northwest) Marcelo Saldivia
IT Lab Services Manager Wajid Iqbal
Manager, USS Technical Services
Adrian Bermudez​
Systems Administrator IRuben Diaz

​​​ ​​​​​​​

Information Technology Office
Location: S700
Phone: (713) 221-8400

IT Service Desk
Location: ACAD 700
Phone: (713) 221-8031 (x3000)
IT Service Desk website
Open daily 7:00AM - Midnight

Student Technology Services
Location: S800/C300/B200
Phone: (713) 221-8540

Technology Learning Services
Location: ACAD 700
Phone: (713) 221-8200

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