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‚ÄčThis document provides instructions on downloading and configuring the Palo Alto VPN client , Global Protect. A VPN client is needed to access on-campus resources, including your desktop computer, from an off-campus computer.

Download & Configure Global Protect (Palo Alto VPN Client)

  1. Visit our Software Download page.
  2. Under VPN Software, select Download the Palo Alto VPN client to get started.
    Please note that this page is ONLY accessible from off-campus.
  3. Enter your current network credentials.
  4. image1_UHDVPN.png

  5. Select the version you will want to install on your computer either Windows or macOS.
  6. image7_UHDVPN.png

  7. Run the installation by confirming on the next few screens by selecting the "Next" button.
  8. At the completion of the installation, select "Close".
  9. Launch Global Protect (Palo Alto VPN Client)
  10. Select Global Protect from the Program listing or
    • (Windows) select the Globe icon from the taskbar.
    • (macOS) select the Globe icon from the Apple menu bar.
  11. When you launch the application the first time you will be asked to enter a portal address.
    • Please enter the following information for the portal address:


  12. Enter your current network credentials to connect to VPN.
  13. After you are connected and/or ready to disconnect, go to the VPN client and select "Disconnect"
  14. image04_UHDVPN.png

Last updated 11/7/2019 12:01 PM