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Information Technology Scholarship

Meet our Information Technology Scholarship of Excellence in Service and Education Winners and Honorees. 

IT offers scholarships to current or former employees annually. This is a merit-based scholarship with a focus on service. 
E​ach year the scholarship committee selects an honoree.
To apply for the scholarship you must be a current or former UHD Information Technology employee.

2022 IT Scholarship

In Memory of
Syed​ Ajmali

A man with a heart of gold. This is about a strong will-powered and optimistic person who I proudly call my father. I had always observed him, giving off positive vibes despite battling with the debilitating diseases. He always had this beautiful smile on his face that will always be remembered. What an amazing soul he was! No words are sufficient to describe the best qualities he had. We miss you so much and you will always be in our hearts. Thank you for everything!
-Syeda Sikandar

In Memory of Hector Bermudez

Hector “Tito” Bermudez went to be with his Heavenly Father on May 10, 2022 at the age of 63. He was born January 31, 1959 to Norberto Bermudez and Elvia Davila Sanchez in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He spent much of his childhood years living in Mexico where he completed his primary and secondary schooling before immigrating to the United States and becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1996. He remained in the U.S. to live out the rest of his years surrounded by his family. He worked as a CNC machinist in the oil & gas industry for more than 25 years where his dedicated work ethic served as a role model to his sons. In his free time, he enjoyed drawing and oil painting as well as gardening. He enjoyed music to the fullest – singing, listening, and dancing to his favorite bands. His truck was one of his other passions. He was a loving son, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and nephew who enjoyed spending time with his family as much as possible. Above all, his sons were his proudest accomplishments!
-Adrian Bermudez

2021 IT Scholarship

In Memory of
Cameron Smith

Cameron Demarques Smith.... He was the best little brother. He always stood out being so different than his other brothers. The baby boy of the family, soon followed by the baby sister. He was always the sweetest, most caring of the bunch. Cameron was so intelligent, and could educate you about anything, even if he didn't know what he was talking about. Art flowed freely from him. From woodwork, to paint and drawing. He was immensely talented naturally. He loved technology and gaming and sought after a career in it after university. We know he would have done amazing things if given the chance. When we think of Cameron today, it is to remember his contagious smile that warmed up any room, to remember how healing his hugs were and how he always had a nice word and warm cup of tea to cheer you up if you were sad. HE was funny, warm, and loving and will always be remembered that way, because that is how he lived his life.

In Memory of Cruz Alberto Hernandez

My father Cruz battled colon cancer for 5 years. Throughout his life and during his cancer journey he epitomized courage, perseverance and hope. He was a humble, hard-working, selfless and caring man. A man of few words yet his main form of communication was action and through his actions, he inspired, loved, and helped others. He will be forever missed and be remembered as a wonderful human being who touched the lives around him with his kindness and bravery to give it your all always. I miss you immensely dad. Forever in our hearts. Rest in peace.
-Maribel Villegas

Jose Gonzales


Description Coming Soon!​

Hrithu Vasudevan

Master's Discipline: Data Analytics in Petroleum Engineering

I have been at UHD since Fall 2020 and plan to graduate in Fall 2022. My goal is to transition from Oil and Gas, leveraging my data analytics degree to start a career in big data.

Jeffery Moreland

Master's Discipline:

Description Coming Soon!

2020 IT​ Scholarship 

Dedicated to Gators working together during Covid-19.

The IT Scholarship is dedicated to every Gator who worked together to allow our students continued success with their classes despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our Gator community pulled together with strength, commitment, and compassion to help each other and our beloved University. 

Valerie Turner

Master's Discipline: Security Management

I'm a graduate student enrolled in the Masters of Security Management with a concentration in Cyber Security. I've been with USS for eight years, and in that time, I learned I love helping people with coming up with solutions to their technical problems. My interest in cybersecurity started when my blog database got hacked, and I lost everything. From that experience, I found my passion and always have a data backup. I hope to inspire women to follow their dreams no matter how long it takes and join the Information Technology field.

Joana Mucogllava

Major: Computer Science

A computer science student passionate in AI and Robotics. My passion and drive about these subjects inspired me to open the first Robotics club in UHD. The desire I have to help other students and offer them technical support in their major motivated me to decide on becoming the president of the biggest CS club in our University, ACM. I have been part of the USS team since 2019. I am described by people who know me as hard-working and very determined to achieve my goals and follow my dreams. My motto in life is: Never give up even when no one believes in you. As a female in STEM I support other females and encourage everyone to finish their degree no matter how many things they have to overcome.

Aleksandra Kirillova

Major: Communications

I am very grateful I received IT Scholarship since even though I am not majoring in this field, I am very connected with the technology world. My true passion is to learn foreign languages and help people communicate across different cultures. Ideally, I would like to become a medical interpreter and that is when I will be working even more with the latest technology software.


2019 IT​ Scholarshi​​p 

In Memory of
Gail Kellersberger

Gail Kellersberger was the Director of UHD's English Language Institute and had over 30 years of service to the University of Houston-Downtown. Over the decades, ELI helped elevate the reputation of the University and has been a source of support for international students and others in the Houston community. Thousands of students and professionals who have sought to broaden their English skills have benefited from ELI programs. These included exchange students from the Central Police University in Taiwan, lawyers from Yemen, and engineers from Marathon Oil. ELI also partnered with prestigious institutions around the world such as Tecnológico de Monterrey. Ms. Kellersberger has touched many people and made friends for UHD. She will be missed.

Daniel I. Gomez

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Daniel has been at the University since Fall of 2017. As the winner of the $1,000 scholarship, of the Daniel has been described by his manager as providing exceptional customer service to the UHD community in his position as a lab assistant. He has already completed his teaching internship and plans to be an elementary school teacher upon his graduation.

Alexis Martinez

Major: Chemistry

Alexis Martinez has been at UHD since Spring 2017. She plans to graduate in Fall 2020. She plans to attend the medical school after her undergraduate and hopes do to cancer research.

Eashrak Zubair

Major: Computer Science

Eashrak worked for the Project Management Office before moving on to an internship at Allyn International and Healthiby. Her former manager in the PM office described Eashrak as a dedicated employee and a hard worker. Eashrak gives generously of her time as well outside of her studies. She has been involved with the Black Student Association and the Muslim Student Association at the University.


2018 IT Scholarship 

Dedicated to those affected by Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit in late August 2017 and caused $125 billion in damages. 48,700 homes were compromised and 107 lives were lost. In Houston we cared for each other and emerged Texas Strong!

Saadman Shahjahan

Major: Computer Science

I started working as a student worker for user support services since 2017. As a computer science major, I wanted to gain some experience in the school's IT department. Winning the scholarship was one of the most highlighting moments of my life, and it gave me a great boost to try even harder to further accomplish my goals. I am graduating in May 2020, and want to implement all the valuable experiences I gained as an IT staff here at UHD into my professional career.

Min Thiha Myo

Major: Computer Science

Min Thiha Myo worked in the IT Operations department as a student assistant starting in 2017. While Min wants a career in programming he felt that he wouldn’t succeed with just knowing the programming aspect so he joined Operations for a hardware prospective. Min is described as a breath of fresh air, loyal, hardworking and ambitious. All of us would agree that without Min things wouldn’t be as lively. Min recently graduated December of 2019 and is now narrowing his choices when it comes to different companies examples so far are (AIG, Exxon and etc). Though Min has departed UHD he still keeps in touch and updates the team of his success.

Melissa Chapa

Major: Masters in Project Management

Melissa Chapa, majoring in Masters in Project Management and Process Improvement, works at UHD. She is currently working with the implementation of PeopleSoft by supporting the project reach various milestones. “Along with experience of being a part of an implementation team, I am able to utilize techniques that are taught through the MBA program. Scholarships that UHD IT department offers, makes goals of achieving a Master’s degree a reality,” Melissa said. She also plans to continue to “contribute to strategic efforts made in the higher institution field.”

2017 IT Scholarship

In Memory of
Zorion Vicente Esquivel

As long as I live,
You will live.

 As long as I live,
You will be remembered.

 As long as I live,
You will be loved.

Edna Soto

Major: Chemistry

Edna Soto is 26 years old from Mexico, but moved to the United States about 9 years ago. She started her education in a ESL program back in 2008. She could barely speak or write English and now she is almost done with her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology. Her goal is to go to Pharmacy school. Winning the scholarship has encouraged her to work harder in order to achieve her goals.

Alixa Bahena

Major: Computer Science

Ali works for USS on the Service Desk. Why? Excellent critical thinking skills, professional demeanor, sincere volunteerism, commitment to customer satisfaction, and a passion for learning are just a few of the descriptors her co-workers use to describe her. She is very close to finishing her degree. Oscar Delacruz describes her journey this way...She has paved her road the old fashioned way with hard work and commitment.

Angie Chicas

Major: Computer Science

Angie has a passion for web design and hopes to find a job that strikes a balance between web development and her creativity. Her positive attitude is contagious among the USS staff. Her stellar academic performance helped her make the Deans List for the College of Sciences and Engineering Technology. Not bad for her first year here at UHD.

Andrea Gomez

Major: Healthcare and Behavioral Navigation

Andrea is described by her student coworkers at nice, dedicated, hard working, smart, and friendly. Her goal is to become a nurse and these qualities will help her as she pursues a career in nursing. When she isn't studying she can be found caring for her two dogs Tramp and Spike. Her supervisors recognized her talent and encouraged her to apply for the scholarship.

2016 IT Scholarship

In Memory of
Anup K. Patel
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Anup never passed up an opportunity to be of service to fellow students.  He made sure that user’s needs were being met, often going the extra mile ensuring that students left with a great experience in using our Computing Labs.  Anup was also part of the Student Life Center culture where he made many friends, and improved his basketball skills.  He enjoyed showing everyone his latest moves and his automatic 3-point shot, with the exclamation “gotcha,” each time he demonstrated his basketball skills.
 May you continue to rest in peace.
With lots of love, Your Family & Friends 

Fiona Ong

Major: Geoscience

Fiona was born and raised in Malaysia. She considers herself very lucky to have been accepted at UHD and for her family to support her and her education. She is thankful to be hired by UHD’s User Support Services in 2015. This job and her fellow coworkers has taught her a lot about responsibility, discipline and handling tough situations. She chose to major in Geoscience mainly because of her brothers. The vast oil and gas industry here in Houston has made her want to help improve the industry.

Tai-Feng Wu

Major: Biology

Mr. Tai-Feng Wu has attended Fu Jen Catholic University. He is a Registered Professional Nurse by the ministry of health and welfare of the Republic of China (Taiwan). He has been awarded many certifications such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Microsoft Office Specialist Master both of which equip him to help others. He is not one to back down from a challenge, either academic or personal. He is the kind of person who has a very positive attitude towards life.

Mukarram Syedshah

Major: Enterprise Information Systems

Mukarram decided to apply and attend UHD, and is extremely proud of that decision. A reason why he attended UHD was because of the extremely apt department of Management Information System which is his major. He also works on campus in the Information Technology department, and believes it will provide exceptional experience to apply the knowledge from the past couple of years at UHD. After graduation, he plans to work in an MIS related environment as well as continue his studies and hopefully complete his Master's Degree in MIS.

2015 IT Scholarship

In Memory of
Chaney Anderson
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Mr. Chaney Anderson, worked at UHD from its inception in 1974 until his retirement in 2005. Chaney will best be remembered for the last 20 years of his career, when he served as UHD’s VP for Administration & Finance/Chief Financial Officer, and Information Technology directly reported to him.  Chaney was widely respected and admired at UHD and across UHS for his many fine personal qualities.  In describing him people tended to use adjectives like honest, fair, considerate, hard-working, trustworthy and sincere;  values we promote and aspire to live by in IT.

Jonathan Martin

Major: Computer Science

A member of UHD’s prestigious Scholars Academy, Jonathan maintains a 4.0 GPA. He began work with User Support Services in 2014. He shows a high degree of commitment to both his work responsibilities and his academics as evidenced by his outstanding GPA. His combination of academic excellence, outstanding work ethic, and exceptional attitude make him a clear choice for the 2015 IT Scholarship.

Selena Samudio

Major: Social Work

Selena received her associates degree from Loan Star College while attending Victory Early College high school in 2014, then graduated from UHD in May 2016 on her 20th birthday. While attending UHD, Selena worked in the Information Technology Academic Computer Lab, the Commerce building Comet Lab and the Information Technology front office. Selena is described as dependable, hardworking, friendly co-worker that always has a smile. Selena is currently working in the Employment Services Office at UHD.

Burgundi Lemond

Major: Human Resource Management

Burgundi represents a rare combination of judgment, dependability, and an immunity to pressure that makes her a great success. She is committed and goal oriented and provides anyone who comes into contact with her a lasting impression of a person of integrity, loyalty, and professionalism. Burgundi works in the Business Office for UHD IT. She has a B.B.A in Business Management with a minor in HR Management. She also holds an M.B.A. in Human Resource Management.

2014 IT Scholarship

In Memory of
Jose Luis Longoria
Read Full Bio

Joey lived his life by the principle “I have learned success is measured not by position in life, but by obstacles overcome on the path to success.” His courageous battle with leukemia and his work was an Assistant Coach for the UTSA Men’s Basketball Program afforded him many opportunities to inspire and help others.

Phuoc Nguyen

Major: Computer Science

Phuoc Nguyen (Austin) moved from Vietnam as an international student to pursue his dream of good education and career. He started UHD in fall 2011 and graduated with bachelor in Computer Science in fall 2014. His hobbies includes photography and videography. He was a dedicated student worker at Academic Computing Lab with IT department from spring 2012 until fall 2014. After graduating from UHD, he started his own business selling Vietnamese books online ( He also works as a Senior Desktop Technical Administrator at Zachry Industrial Inc.

D'Angelo White

Major: Enterprise Information Systems

D’Angelo White was an IT student assistant in September 2013. During his time with the UHD Technology team he was a dedicated and diligent employee for UHD Northwest operations. He became a favorite among staff, students, and faculty for his professional demeanor and calm approach in assisting with any type of support. D’Angelo was instrumental during the Northwest expansion in helping with computers setups and providing weekend support. D’Angelo was also a reserve with the Army National Guard. After graduating with a degree in Computer Information Systems, he has moved on to obtain a position with JPMorgan as an application support analyst.

Melissa Chapa

Major: Biology

Melissa has worked in several technical support roles for Information Technology. She has supported the campus as a Service Desk technician and as a student as a lab assistant She has quiet confidence that makes her well suited for IT support work. She is dedicated, hardworking, and is recognized as reliable and professional.


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