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Definition & Criteria for Service Learning


As approved by the Service Learning and University Curriculum Committees

Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities (Learn and Serve, America National Service Learning Clearinghouse). Service-learning aims to connect the personal and intellectual to help students acquire knowledge and a useful understanding of the world, build critical thinking capacities, and perhaps lead to fundamental questions about learning and about society with a commitment to improve both.


A minimum of 10 hours in an academic semester – including work done inside and outside of class involving a service oriented or community oriented curricular activity or any activity related to the service project. 

Service learning/community outreach is embedded in the syllabus of all Service Learning (SL) designated courses – there should be a service leaning learning outcome (LO) in addition to other LOs of the class.

An assessment component for each project is required to assess the learning outcome.

Ensure service learning/community outreach hours are logged by students via Org Sync.

Faculty teaching courses designated as Service Learning Courses will adhere to the criteria and requirements for designation as established by the sitting Service Learning Committee.

Faculty will be given credit for teaching Service Learning designated courses in their annual evaluations.

Applications will be filled out each academic semester; once a project is approved it will continue to be designated as SL for 3 years unless the professor withdraws the designation. For continuing courses, an updated syllabus will be attached to a short application, and it will not undergo review.

Students taking a Service Learning Designated course will receive Service Learning course credit on their transcript.

Students who participate in 100 hours or more of curricular/co-curricular service/community outreach credit will receive Community Engagement Recognition certificates.

Service Learning Tool Kit


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