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UHD CenterCenter ​Director(s)Center Description
Center for Critical Race Studies​Dr. Vida Robertson, (713) 222-5216​A Center for Critical Race Studies (CCRS) at University of Houston-Downtown creates an opportunity to build knowledge by bringing together the multiple identities and cultures that form our student body. Strong and effective race studies centers are essential components of any comprehensive university, and that is especially true for UHD, a Hispanic-Serving and Minority-Serving Institution that reflects the diverse population of the city at large.
Center for Entrepreneurship ​Dr. William Dudley, (713) 222-5368​The Center for Entrepreneurship was established to meet the needs of students interested in starting their own business or, in some cases, improving and expanding the business they owned. The development of their entrepreneurial perspective is expanded to include the non-profit sector via interaction with local organizations including (but not limited to) the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (, Junior Achievement of the Southwest, and Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN). The Center also maintains contact with local entrepreneurial organizations and service providers dedicated to providing resources to new businesses.
Center for Plain English Research and Study

​Dr. Natalia Matveeva,(713) 221-8254

Dr. Michelle Moosally, (713) 222-5371 

​Founded in 2013, the Institute for Plain English Research and Study (IPERS) serves as a virtual and physical space for interested people to meet and discuss plain language guidelines, new regulations and laws, and their effects on workplace communication. The institute also offers resources, engages in research on the topic, and provides training sessions for UHD students, faculty, staff, and local professionals.
Center for Public Deliberation​Dr. Windy Lawrence, (713) 221-8132​This collaborative, non-partisan Center encourages citizens to actively participate in the deliberative democracy process through public discussions about issues that affect their lives. The CPD is an affiliate of the National Issues Forums (NIF) network and partner to the Texas Forums project at the Lyndon B. Johnson Library in Austin, Texas.
Center for Public Service and Family Strengths​Steven Villano,    (713) 226-5244​The Center enhances the educational experiences of UHD students and the quality of life of residents of the Houston community through collaborations, research studies, publication of an academic journal, and programs that reinforce academic learning and civic values among students, foster ethnic and racial harmony, strengthen families, advocate for underrepresented individuals and families, and facilitate the dissemination of best family-centered practices.
Center for Retail Management​Tracy Davis,        (713) 221-8902​The Center is dedicated to serving the educational needs of students interested in pursuing a career in retailing. The Center for Retail Management supports the retail industry by providing educational and research programs for retail managers and those who desire to own a retail business. The Center also works with several local school districts developing a retail programs in local high schools. This four year program trains and equips students for promising careers in retail or other small business.​​
Center for Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion​Dr. John Hudson, (713) 223-7902​The Mission of the Center for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is to empower students, faculty, and staff to build a more inclusive, equitable, and welcoming campus environment for all members of the UHD community. The Center develops programming and trainings, facilitates mentoring opportunities, and engages in outreach and advocacy efforts to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.
Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability​Dr. Lisa Morano, (713) 221-2782​The mission of the CUAS will be to create and support sustainable neighborhoods throughout Houston by engaging UHD and the external community in teaching, research and professional development and promoting best practices in business, technology, science and engagement.
Institute for Business, Ethics, and Public Issues​Dr. Carolyn Ashe, (713) 221-8051

​The Institute for Business, Ethics, and Public Issues (IBEPI) is dedicated to promoting ethical business practices and research that focuses on current and emerging issues. The institute serves as a forum for the exchange of business information and strategies and meaningful community partnerships that contribute to an ethical and brilliant future for Houston and the surrounding areas and the world. In addition, we strive to provide our students with an understanding of:
• The difference between ethics and the law
• The interrelationship of ethics and social responsibility
• The role of coporate governance and coporate culture in ethical decision making

Scholars Academy​​ ​Dr. Mary Jo Parker, (713) 222-5344​The UHD Scholars Academy is a competitive, comprehensive scholarship and mentoring program designed to support undergraduate success for students majoring in natural/physical sciences (including all pre-health related professional fields), mathematics, engineering, technology, and computer science. 

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