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Service Learning Courses_Spring 2020 Courses

ACC430125417Indiv Income TaxationArpita Shroff
BIOL110125581Gen Biol Lab IMesias Pedroza
BIOL110225588Gen Biol Lab II 
Mesias Pedroza
BIOL131029135Human BiologyMesias Pedroza
BIOL131029136Human BiologyMesias Pedroza
CHEM210225664Organic Chemistry Lab IIHamida Qavi
CHEM210225666Organic Chemistry Lab IIHamida Qavi
COMM231125860Principles of Public RelationsZeenat Mitha
CS531025989Data MiningHong Lin
ENGR240926237Mechanics of Materials with LabArash Rahmatian
HEA330126389Medical Case ManagementSusan Henney
HEA430226401Health Policy & PoliticsRhonda Scherer
NS219026890Special Topics in NSMary Parker
NURS459527529Prof Practice CapstoneSong Ge/Linda Dune
PED331426917Children's Literature SpanishMaria Bhattacharjee
PED330126901Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly
PED330126902Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly
PED330126903Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly 
POLS230527035Federal Government Anita Chadha
POLS631029757Leadership in Nonprofit Orgs Anita Chadha
READ331727261Lang Arts Instr for the Biling & ESL ClassLaura Mitchell
SOCW236127345Intro to Social Work & Soc WelfareDamaris Cortez
SOCW236127346Intro to Social Work & Soc WelfareDamaris Cortez
SOCW236127347Intro to Social Work & Soc WelfareDamaris Cortez
SOCW236127348Intro to Social Work & Soc WelfareDamaris Cortez
SOCW331327357Case ManagementAngela Goins
SOCW430230585Issues in Field Practicum IShahnaz Savani
SOCW430427381Issues in Field Practicum IIShahnaz Savani
SPED330127432Intro to Special Populations Ash Tiwari
SPED330127433Intro to Special Populations Ash Tiwari
SPED330127434Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly
SPED330127435Intro to Special PopulationsAsh Tiwari
UHD230329206University Transfer SeminarMary Parker
MIS431226825Application Analysis, Design, & ImplementationShohreh​​ Hashemi

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