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Service Learning Courses: Spring 2019 Courses


​Bilingual Language Arts
Maria Bhattacharjee
BED430120239Bilingual Language ArtsMaria Bhattacharjee
BIOL110120246General Biology Lab IMesias Pedroza
BIOL131020270Human Biology Mesias Pedroza
BIOL131020270Human Biology Mesias Pedroza
BIOL123020307Adv Lab in Cell & Molec BiolMesias Pedroza
CJ437020456Senior Seminar in CJ Nina Barbieri
CJ437020455Senior Seminar in CJ Judith Harris
CJ431620453Human Trafficking Rebecca Pfeffer
COMM331420584Research in Comm Studies Ivan Gan
COMM331420585Research in Comm Studies ​Ivan Gan
COMM231120555Principles of Public Relations Zeenat Mitha
COMM334020613Communication & Leadership Ivan Gan
COMM331020575Women, Men & CommunicationIvan Gan
CS531020690Data MiningLin Hong
CS531020689Data MiningLin Hong
NS219021826Special Topics in Nat Sci.Mary Parker
PED330121843Intro to Special PopulationsAshwini Tiwari
PED330121841Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly
PED330121840Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly
PED331421859Children's Literature SpanishMaria ​​​Bhattacharjee
PED330121842Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly
READ331722238Lang Art Instruct: Biling/ESLRoshana Mitchell
SOCW430422386Issues in Field Practicum II
SOCW335022363Research Methods in Soc. WorkHeather Goltz
SOCW430422382Issues in Field Practicum II
SOCW430422384Issues in Field Practicum IIShahnaz Savani
SOCW333122360​Practice w Aging Populations Angela Goins
SOCW430422383Issues in Field Practicum IIAngela Goins
SOCW430222379Issues in Field Practicum IShahnaz Savani
SOCW430222378Issues in Field Practicum IAngela Goins
SOCW430422387Issues in Field Practicum IIShahnaz Savani
SOCW430422385Issues in Field Practicum II
UHD230322533University Seminar-Sciences ​

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