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What is the difference between a project that can be posted on the platform and a volunteer opportunity?

  • Volunteer opportunities are non-paid service experiences that are generally not connected to classroom instruction and academic course credit. Volunteerism is merely the giving of service without an academic or structured educational component.
  • Projects suitable for the Community Partner Platform are those that can be tied to Service Learning, an A+CE Course, Community Engagement Grants, or long-term impactful projects.
  • If you have questions regarding the suitability of your project, feel free to contact CCESL for guidance. 

How can I get help creating a viable project?

  • CCESL is committed to helping UHD faculty, staff and community partners create and partner with successful community engagement projects. Therefore, we are available for appointments to discuss projects and project ideas with any entity considering submission to the Community Partner Platform. 

When can I expect to hear from someone about my project submission? 

  • The Community Partner Platform is just one of the many projects overseen by CCESL. Please allow two full business days from the time of submission before contacting CCESL about your inquiry. After two business days, you may contact CCESL at or 713-221-8066.​

Last updated 5/11/2017 4:17 AM