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Community Partner Platform

​​The Community Partner Platform is a place to connect UHD Community Partners to faculty and staff for the purpose of completing community projects. The platform allows Community Partners, UHD Faculty, or UHD staff to propose projects for Service Learning courses, A+CE courses or Community Engagement Grants. The Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning will help to match community projects with classrooms and UHD students.

Getting Started

Inclusion of an organization on the Community Partner Platform does not indicate endorsement by the University of the organization's mission, practices, views, or information included in the organization's linked websites. 

While the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL) strives to include only organizations that operate in a safe and non-discriminatory manner, the University makes no representations or warranties regarding those opportunities or organizations not controlled or administered by the University. The University cannot and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any conditions, hazards or risks, or for any related personal injuries or property damage arising directly or indirectly from an individual's participation in activities of these organizations. 

Please investigate opportunities and organizations thoroughly before committing, and share any questions or concerns with CCESL staff.

CCESL is under no obligation to include any organization or project within the platform. All proposed projects are subject to approval by CCESL staff before inclusion on the Community Partner Platform. Matching a UHD faculty or staff member with a partner project does not guarantee a successful project or that the project will come to fruition. As UHD is a teaching institution, quality of final product cannot be guaranteed as all engagement is used as opportunities for student learning. However, the coordinating UHD faculty or staff member will be expected to provide the best quality product possible within reasonable bounds.

Memorandum of Understanding
Upon mutual agreement to work on a project by both the UHD faculty or staff member, and the Community Partner, herein referred to as "partner," CCESL highly encourages the use of a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between both parties.


CCESL is committed to the continual assessment and improvement of our programs. To that end, once matched, partners and UHD faculty or staff members will be expected to complete various assessment measures utilized by CCESL as outlined below:

UHD Faculty and Staff:

  • Community Impact Survey
    This survey helps CCESL gather information about the community engagement activities taking place on the UHD campus. This information is utilized during reporting periods to provide data to various institutions to whom which the University is accountable.
  • If  participating in A+CE, End of Academic Year Survey at the conclusion of each spring semester

Community Partner:

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